30 Day Poetry Challenge
The End…..?

Well, that’s it for this…or is it? I might use this again for next summer, and who knows?

It might even be exciting as the last one. ;-)



The computer is not loading on pictures again! FIRE!!! ANGER!!!

Anyway, if you want to see Scotland, consult me in or out of school.

The Globe Theatre

You have probably heard of Shakespeare’s Globe, and how amazing it is.

I went there today to watch Much Ado about Nothing.

Me and my mom actually ran over the Millenium Bridge to the box office, but it was a really good play. We were in the top row, and you’ll know what I’m talking about if you look up pictures of it on the internet.


Braughing pronounced Bruffing.

The stupid computer won’t allow me to upload pictures. GRRR…

It was a family party and everyone had a good time.

There were two cats; Lexy and Alice. Alice was black and white, and Lexy was a dark tabby.

Sorry for the picture error!


Paris WITH Pictures

Yay!!! Pictures FINALLY. The first picture is me holding a balloon eating ice cream. Why? It was on the ground and I think all of you know my dreadful fear of balloons. I was holding it so it wouldn’t pop.

Just so you know, the third picture from the bottom is THE Notre Dame


I am just calling this Allstar becuase that was the song that got stuck in my head.

Here are some pictues from London before Paris.



The ginormous white building is THE m&m store.

The red curtains that read Ripley’s believe it or not! is THE mueseum of Ripleys Believe it Or not. And at the top is Picadilly Circus 


PLUUSS„„ I didn’t see Chris

Still No Pictures!!!!

I haven’t been able to post pictures because I’m on a different computer. :-(

But, I did go into London yesterday…(London Eye, Shops, ect. ect)

Then we went to our cousins Kevin, Nikki, and their three sons.

I played Wii with the middle brother, who was about my age. We had Indian food for dinner and I slept in the very top of the house.

I made myself wake up at two hour intervals because I didn’t know what time to wake up(stupid me).


Paris without Pictures

Paris was….something I cannot put in words at the moment. Our friends Adolph and Sabine took us around Paris by NIGHT (that’s right Isabel, I said NIGHT). I saw the Eiffel Tower illuminated, and guess what happened at midnight?

It was like a million stars blinking on and off on the E.T. It lasted for five minutes.

Then we went under the E.T. and hem hem, it was HUGE as in, five times the Statue of Liberty huge(well, maybe not five times). The next day we went on a boat ride around Paris, ate ice cream, and went into the base of Notre Dame. No pictures were allowed to be taken inside, but guess what? People were taking pictures!!!

And it was really loud! It’s a church for god’s sake.

Then I watched a manga series for the rest of the day.

I’m about to go into London.

Been saving this one…

Au Revoir

I Love Reading

Yes! All of you know that! Books are my desire….heeheehee.

Okay, the place I went to this time was Reading, pronounced: REDing

We spent some time with my mom’s friends Jan and Nigel and went to a pub.

There was a sparkler on my mom’s and my dessert. That’s the crazy picture of me at the top. I look like a mad scientist with something about to explode right in my face.

Science runs in the family, so that might be happening for real some time soon….. :-|

G’day mate.